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What’s Happening?

Right now, like most of the rest of the world, we are in a holding pattern.  What is different than what most of the world is experiencing is we have God and He has us! We already know that struggle and hardship are a part of our lives, we know there will be times of great trial. This is surely one.  We naturally turn to God and each other and how we can help and support our neighbors.  This is what makes a difference.  This is our time to shine like Jesus has taught us to shine.  To be the positive light and influence in the lives of our neighbors, friends, community.  This is an opportunity.  Not to embrace fear and scarcity, but to embrace the love of God, the abundance and hope of God.  You are all my heroes.  


What’s Coming?

We can share our plans, but only God knows what those will actually be in the near future.  Our plans are being made and flexibility of timing and the offer is a certainty.  

We are still planing new enganing ways to connect whether that will be in person or virtually. 

As we learn new ways to connect and provide fellowship and spiritual growth opportunities, we will keep you in the loop.

We know we can do this, God has a plan for us during this time, not just after.  Be open and ready for His will to become known to you.  And then embrace it and see the many blessings of our Father’s love.

Grace, Peace and Love to you all, through our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen! Yay God!



Director of Children’s Ministry

Presbyterian Church of Novato

This is a place where our children can grown deeper in faith while learning about God's unfailing love for them. We believe at PCN that we are called to teach our kids, to love them and to share the message of Christ with them as they grow in their relationship with God. To stay updated and see photos and videos from current events, visit our Facebook page and YouTube Channel


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  • Sunday School
  • SEEkers 
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Children's VBS Sunday
  • Seeker's Sunday 
  • Pre-Teen Girls Bible Study 
  • Christmas Program 
  • SEEker's Sunday 
  • Fellowship Events

Meet Our Team 

Picture7Sally Carbonaro

Sally has 12 years of experience with Children & Youth Ministries.  About the children she says “Learning to have a personal relationship with Jesus, in the youngest years, is a game changer.  They look like kids, act like kids but think and feel beyond their years."

About our church she says, “this is a special place. People care about each other and are always willing to jump in and help out.  This church has an amazing history of over 120 years.”

Sally currently serves as the Director of Children’s Ministries.


IMG 3326

Sydney Fletcher

Sydney has 5 years of experience with Children & Youth ministries. About the children she says "There is nothing that is more fulling and life giving then being able to serve the children in our church."

About our church she says, "The people at this church are some of the kindest and most selfless people I have ever know. They truly show God's love to everyone."

Sydney currently serves as the Children's Ministry Assistant.


Our Programs

Sunday School is offered at our 9:00a Contemporary Service service for children 3yrs-8th grade (September-June). We offer Sunday School for children 3yrs-5th grade during the summer months at our 10:00a service.  Nursery care is available at all Sunday morning worship services. Children join our service for the first fifteen minutes and are then dismissed after the Children's Sermon. We have a rich curriculum for all age.  


Seekers will give children the opportunity to experience the all-embracing love of God in a community striving to live-out the teachings of Jesus! There is curriculum with scope and sequence for ages 0 through 8th grade. Join us for an inspiring, fun night of felloship, learning and worship!

Vacation Bible School is offered yearly for a week in June (usually the week following the last day of School) for all children 4yrs-completion of 5th grade. 


SEEker's Sunday is a monthly combined grade worship/sunday school offered during the 9am service, usually the 3rd Sunday of the month.


Please follow our Well-Child Policy when perticpating in our programs. 


  • FEVER:  Children should be fever free for 24 hours without medication
  • SORE THROAT:  Children should not attend with a sore throat, croup, or persistent coughing associated with respiratory infection.
  • NASAL DRAINAGE:  Child should not attend until clear
  • PINK EYE:  Attend only after 24 hours of antibiotics, no matting, no drainage, child is not rubbing the eye
  • RASH:  Children with an unexplained or contagious rash should not attend
  • STREP THROAT / EAR INFECTION: Children can attend 24 hours after antibiotics have started
  • VOMITING/DIARRHEA:  Child should be episode free for 24 hours


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