Worship Series

Worship Series

Journey In The Wilderness Worship

Sunday, Jan. 26th - February 23rd 

Building For the Future

Building For the Future


Find Out How We are Building for the Future!! 



Middle & High School Youth

Meets Sundays @ 6pm 




Tuesdays: 5:30-7:30 K-8th grade: Dinner & Program 








Holding Hands



         Our Staff



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A multigenerational program for children

To register, click HERE.

For more information, or for scholarship requests, please contact: Sally Carbonaro, Director of Children’s Ministries at childrensministry@pcnovato.org or 415-897-6152.



The Men’s Bible Study group meets Wednesday mornings at 7:30 a.m. We are studying ACTS. Join us for this one-hour mid-week boost and share great fellowship with brothers. And no homework!

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study 

This summer, the Sunday Adult Class will learn to develop a clearer understanding as to why our relationship with God through Christ is expressed as a covenant. Let's face it: human beings have a dismal "credit rating" with God!

During the summer the Adult Sunday Class will begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 9:30 a.m. so that everyone will have time to socialize before the start of the Sunday worship hour. Come and enjoy the amazing Bible discussion and fellowship time with good friends – there is a seat reserved just for YOU!

Grace and Peace, Carol Dacquisto, Larry Dacquisto and Rosie Nicholas






Volunteer Opportunities

Make a Difference

Snack Sacks: Help prepare the food bags between services every Sunday and deliver the sacks to the Marin Mobile Showers in Hamilton on Monday mornings. Contact Regina Rus at (415) 897-7384 or email reginabrus@gmail.com. 


Lynwood Reading Program: Spend one hour weekly listening to students read at Lynwood Elementary School. Contact Art Plumstead at (415) 892-4063. 


ExtraFood.org:Spend one hour weekly picking up extra food from a restaurant or grocery store and delivering to a non-profit serving food to those in need. There will be an orientation, on Tuesday, March 12th at 10 am in the Christensen Room.  A driver’s license check is required. Contact Jane Sime at (415) 892-5259.





Presbyterian Womenpresbyterian women logo


Nurture your faith through prayer and study


All women who attend The Presbyterian Church of Novato, please consider becoming an active member of the Presbyterian Women (PW) of PCN … ALL ARE WELCOME (invite a friend)! We currently have two active PW circles at PCN that each meet once a month in the Christensen Room:


Ruth Circle usually meets the fourth Tuesday at 2 p.m. (Glenise Johnson, leader) and Rachel Circle usually meets the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. (Pat Sullivan, leader)


Presbyterian Women Circles are currently on a summer break, but join us for the next circle meeting(s) to begin in October 2019 … we are saving a chair for YOU. It’s never too late to join us!!


If you have any questions about PW, please don’t hesitate to contact Glenise Johnson: home (415) 897-8759 or cell (415) 717-7635. 

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