Sally Carbonaro

Director of Children’s Ministries

Sally joined the staff at PCN in January of 2016 as the Interim Seekers Director. In April of 2016 she became the Director of Children’s Ministries. Sally has worked for the Novato Unified School District since 2004, currently in Special Education. She previously worked with the Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction and at Hamilton School. Sally, her husband Nick, three of their four children and a grandson, live in Novato.

Sally has 12 years of experience with Children & Youth Ministries. About the children she says “Learning to have a personal relationship with Jesus, in the youngest years, is a game changer. They look like kids, act like kids but think and feel beyond their years."

About our church she says, “This is a special place. People care about each other and are always willing to jump in and help out. This church has an amazing history of over 120 years.”

Sally currently serves as the Director of Children’s Ministries.

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