“The Vision of PCN is to be a beacon of hope, reviving the world through God’s love.”

PCN shares the love of Jesus Christ, connects with our neighbors, and grows together in worship, faith, & service

Core Values

Christ-like Identity

As disciples we work to follow after Jesus’ example for us embodying the grace of God that has claimed our lives. It is in this identity marked by Christ’s love that we grow as disciples and share hope with the world.

Authentic Community

We know that growing in faith and service as disciples is not something done in isolation, but in loving, Christian community. In community we support, care for, serve, guide, and pray for one another. In community we practice embodying God’s love together, and in so doing, paradoxically, we begin to discover our true selves as God created us to be.

Impactful Worship

Worship is a place/time/act of connection: with God, with each other, and with the world. Worship should be reverent to God, but also relevant to what God is doing in the world today. In worship, we aim to meet people where they are and to share the good news of Jesus in meaningful, helpful, life-giving, and impactful ways that sow the seeds of new life in Christ.

Growing in God’s Word

Discipleship involves growth. We grow through the study of God’s Word in Scripture, through authentic community, mission & service, and prayer & worship. “God’s not done with me (us)” is the confession we make as disciples because God is always leading and guiding us through the Holy Spirit toward ‘maturity of faith.’ It is in God’s Word that we have the account of the good news; the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In God’s Word, God speaks to us even today through the Holy Spirit.

Relational Gospel-Sharing

Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ (evangelism) is the call of all Christians. It is an outpouring in gratitude for the love that God has already given in Jesus. Gospel-sharing is about connecting our stories with God’s story in powerful, meaningful ways. To ‘relationally’ go about this task is to engage all people with the kindness and compassion of Christ, sharing the gospel through authentic relationship.

Serve Compassionately

Jesus once said that he came to this world “not to be served, but to serve,” and he did so with his life. We serve others with the same compassion that Christ had for the lowly, the lost, the downtrodden, the poor. We serve with extravagant generosity with our time, talents, and resources to feed the hungry, quench the thirst of the thirsty, to clothe the naked, to heal the sick, to seek justice for others because that’s who we are as the Body of Christ. Each of us is uniquely important, invaluable, and loved, but in all of us together, God is bringing hope to the world.

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