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Simply Christian

A 5-week series getting back to the heart of the Christianity. 

Places of the Nativity

This 4-week Advent series leading to Christmas focuses on the 'Places' of the nativity as we think about the 'Places' we find ourselves in our lives. Peace, Hope, Love, and Joy are gifts that Jesus gives us that we find in every place, whether physical or situational, in our lives.


As Christians, God's not done with us yet! We are always in a state of transformation, of 'becoming' a new creation in Jesus Christ. But our 'becoming' is not a matter of our willing ourselves to be something, but rather uncovering our 'true-selves;' the self that God created us to be from our birth. In this 5-week series we look to uncover and recognize our what we are becoming in Jesus Christ @ PCN. We'll venture with the core values that reveal the shape of our discipleship: Christ-like Identity, Authentic Community, Impactful Worship, Growing in God's Word, Relational Gospel-Sharing, & Compassionate Service.

Hope in Times of COVID

In August 2020, Pastor Adam travels from the 14th to the 16th chapter of Matthew's gospel to explore hope in the time of COVID.