Our Volunteers


Carolyn Gerrans
Carolyn has been a PCN memeber for 38 years, 12 of which she has been teaching Sunday School. When asked what she likes best about this ministry she says "They make me laugh and I learn new things, or learn old things in a new way!"

About our Church Carolyn shares she was "attracted to the stability, willingness to accept people as they are, and our commitment to mission and to children".

Carolyn teaches Sunday School and our K-1 grade kids in at Seekers. She has Directed our Vacation Bible School for the past 10 years.


Virginia Saysette
Virginia has taught Sunday school off and on since 1983, approximately 37 years. When asked what she likes best about the ministry she said she "always enjoyed encouraging young families through faith and friendship in our church community." Virginia believes the most important thing is "to know God and enjoy Him!" "When teaching VBS and Sunday School she has students dramatize the passages they read from the Bible. The students always have fun dressing up in these characters. Her goal is to have the students be confident and knowledgeable in the word of God. The most important thing she wants students to learn is to have faith, and trust Jesus and know that He will always hear their prayers. The Lord is good!"


David Mink
David has been involved in Youth ministries for over 12 years.  About the middle and high school kids he works with he says “High School and Middle School can be a tough time for kids to navigate socially, emotionally, and spiritually.  What I like best is helping to create a safe space that kids can come to and be themselves, explore their relationship with Jesus, and have fun.”

David has been attending our church since 2000. His favorite part of PCN is “that we are really committed to children and youth ministries.  As a church body, we recognize we need to reach families and children, and youth in order to grow young.”

David currently teaches the middle school class.


David Harmon
David has been involved in children and youth ministry for 7 years. About the kids he says “I love getting swept into the energy with which the students throw themselves into everything they are excited about.”

David has been a part of our church for 3 years. About our church he says ”There is a friendly and generous community that exists here to encourage and help each other grow.”

David is the Seeker Worship Leader.

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