Nursery Caregivers


Renee Garza
Renee has 4 years in the Nursery. About the children she says "Who wouldn't love God's little creations!! They bring love and joy in my life. Love their smiles, their innocent voices and watching them grow up before your eyes."

About our church she says "Everyone is always lending a helping hand. Supporting our youth with so many great activities. Our church is truly our extended family."

Renee has been a part of our church since early childhood, 48 years!


Carol Robinson
Carol has worked with Children for 6 Years.  About the children she says “I enjoy trying to come up with creative, fun ways for the children to learn about God’s love.” 

She and her family have been a part of our church for over 40 years. About our church she says “it’s a safe and loving environment to share and grow in faith. I enjoy the many opportunities to help others.”

Carol teaches our 3 and 4 year olds in Sunday School, and works in the Nursery.  

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